Career Services Assistance

Our career services department provides assistance to all graduates of programs at no charge. However, while career service assistance may be provided, it is understood that the school cannot promise nor guarantee employment to any student or its graduates.


The career services assistance may include but not be limited to:

Employment orientation prior to graduation.  This orientation will provide the essential information relating to interviews, resumes, and appointments, with emphasis on dress, appearance, and applications.
Assistance with applications and employment forms.
Efforts to provide interviews with prospective employers.
Contacts with employers to identify job openings.
Student participates in job readiness
Information concerning employment opportunities with local, state, and federal agencies.
Communication with career centers to seek employment assistance in areas of Louisiana.


The success or failure of the placement efforts of the school will be influenced by the attendance, academic records, and personal appearance of the graduate. Students are required to submit an electronic resume to Infinity College prior to completion of their program of study.


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